Sunday, 16 Jun 2019

Pennsylvania Sports Betting: All About the Parx Casino’s New Android Sports Betting Platform

Parx Casino is considered as the Number One Casino in all of Pennsylvania. It has everything from horse racing to casino games, from entertainment to nightlife. In fact, Parx Casino and Racing, which was previously known as Philadelphia Park Racetrack and Casino, features 24-hour gaming including a total number of 3,330 slot machines, a poker room with 48 poker tables, 180 live table games, live horse racing and simulcast action, and so much more.

Now, Pennsylvania Sports Betting is in the picture. You can officially bet on some of your favorite sports team at Parx Casino, which is located at the South Philadelphia Race and Sportsbook. Moreover, you can enjoy these moments as you engage in all kinds of sports betting techniques including over and under, parlays, teasers, props, moneyline, spread, and more. You name it and Parx Casino has it – golf, baseball, hockey, MMA, soccer, and pro and college football.

What You Need to Know About the New Android Sports Betting Platform

Parx Casino has taken sports betting to a whole new level. Early on this year, they have announced that they will be releasing the official Android Sports Betting Platform of Parx Casino. Its online partners are GAN for linking up with sports software creators, and Kambi and SBTech for rounding out its suite.

What are the Advantages of Parx Casino’s New Platform in the Sportsbook Market?

Parx Casino is already considered a leader in its industry. As soon as the launch of the new Android app, it can easily rely on its brand for support. On another note, customers can ensure that the quality of the Android app is of top-notch considering that Parx Casino has a name to live up to.

You’ll be able to monitor your sports bets easily from anywhere at any time. Parx Casino has revolutionized the traditional way of making bets. With the advancement of our era’s technological innovations, we are able to enjoy mobile applications that can do so much more without compromising other daily tasks.

Parx Casino’s ability to continuously seek out opportunities that will enhance their members’ experience within their casino is endless. While this Android sports betting app may not be available nationwide at the start, a global market is considered as the ultimate goal for Parx Casino.

How Does One Access the Pennsylvania Sports Betting Android Platform?

There are two ways to access the Android mobile betting platform – the download and no download platform. If you are physically inside the building or premises of the Parx Casino, you can access their in-house Wifi to reach their website where sports betting is made possible.

On another note, should you seek a mobile application that can be accessed within or outside the premises of Parx Casino, you can do so by downloading the Android Parx Casino app. With this, you can continuously be checking the scores and putting on bets even when you leave the venue.

One of Parx Casino’s reasons as to why they wanted to expand the Pennsylvania Sports Betting options for their members is because they wanted to provide a hassle-free and fuss-free way of experiencing casino entertainment. When it comes to the user experience of the Android sports betting platform, we couldn’t quite give an honest review on this considering the fact that it has not been released yet. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that with Parx Casino, it would comprise of high-quality sports betting experience. Furthermore, reports state that these mobile apps will be released sometime in the second quarter of 2019.

In the end, the introduction of mobile apps by the Pennsylvania Sports Betting committee as a means to bet on your favorite sports team is amazing in itself.

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